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Scooter models

( No 1 day rentals )

Below you will find the models for our rental scooters.

All scooters include helmet, padlock and liability insurance.

For our affordable monthly prices please contact us at .


We offer competitive prices and good service.


Model A is not allowed over the Juliana Bridge or to the west side of the island

due to distance, hills and safety.

All scooter pick up and returns are at our shop location , Lindberghweg 33


 per day $ 20    

Deposit  $ 250 ( € 250  / Naf.500 )

Model A is a 50cc scooter.

It is ideal for city use and does not require a driver 's license .

Well experience.

Due to distance and mountainous area, this model is not allowed on the road to the west point and the Juliana bridge. See map region at de photos.


Model B - 150cc 

Motorcycle license is required by law. minimum 3 days 

per day $ 35   

Deposit $ 250 ( € 250 / Naf. 500 )

The Model B is a 150cc motorcycle scooter.

This is rented only with a valid motorcycle license.

This model can be used all over the island, on paved roads.


Model A  - 50cc -   


CITY use - check driving  area

on the map.
minimum 3 days

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